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Why us?

Choosing the right partner for electrical work, whether it’s a house or a hotel, is important. When choosing a company, the quality and quantity of workers and materials should be taken into consideration. An improperly executed installation can create a safety risk as well as an increase in the project time. A good partner will ensure a safe and reliable installation that will be completed efficiently within the deadline. At ETM Bohemia electric, we know that reliable and professional workers are the basis for a job well done. We offer more than 80 highly qualified electricians who can help you with even large and demanding projects quickly, efficiently and to a high standard. We have been helping our clients throughout Europe with electrical works for more than 15 years. That’s why reliability and efficiency are among the values our clients value most. Providing quality materials and enough skilled workers is a matter of course with us. If you want a quality partner that you can rely on with any electro installations, contact us now.

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Who are we? ETM Bohemia s.r.o. is a company of people who enjoy working in the field of electrical installations. And not only that, we also enjoy helping others. Maybe because we focus on our clients’ satisfaction, as well as performing our work professionally and meticulously. We consider our customers our fully-fledged partners and so we make sure we treat everyone correctly.

We carefully listen to our client’s wishes for each contract. Then we put our heads together and prepare a proposal for execution of a project, which will meet all your requirements and capacity. We don’t differentiate between working on small or large projects, we give everyone our full attention and maximum efforts.

Satisfied customers are our greatest reward. Mutually satisfactory cooperation and positive relations with clients create a pleasant atmosphere throughout our company and make sure our team is stress-free.

It is a pleasure to work in a relaxed environment. This motivates us to keep developing and educating ourselves. Our sector is constantly moving forward with new trends and we move forward with it. We closely monitor innovations not only in work procedures, but chiefly in the technologies themselves. We are always alert and this means we never offer a product that was a hit several years ago. You will always receive a service on a first-rate technological level, along with a product meeting current market and security requirements.

Your Partner for Even Large and Challenging Projects

We offer you more than 80 highly qualified electricians who can help you even with large and challenging projects quickly, efficiently and with high quality.

Family Homes and Residences
Residential Buildings
Industrial Areas
Office Buildings
Administrative Buildings
Schools and Universities
Hospitals and Clinics
Restaurants and Bars
Shopping Malls
Sports Facilities
Public Buildings

The course of cooperation

3 simple steps
1. Contact us

We’ll be happy to answer any questions and help you choose the ideal solution for your project.

2. Agreement

We will discuss the execution of the project and the terms of the work.

3. Installation

Our expert workers will come and install all the accessories so that everything works as it should.

ETM Bohemia electric, your partner
for wiring and smart home.


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