Smart home

Smart homes are a trend of modern living. Savings in time, energy and money, combined with convenience and above-standard comfort, that is everyone’s dream. Why don’t you transform your home into a smart home? It doesn’t matter whether you live in a flat or a family house, smart technologies can be installed in all types of property.

What is an intelligent household? An environment with technologies connected into a single system and with controls incorporated into one user-friendly interface. You can use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or the internet to monitor and control all the appliances and sensors in your home. Lighting, alarms, camera system, heating, cooling, ventilation, recuperation, audio and video system, hot water, blinds and even the door lock or door phone can be controlled wirelessly from your smart phone, tablet or computer.

When executing a smart home system we use the Jung button system with integrated KNX platform. The button control panel is so intuitive that even children or seniors can manage it.

The KNX complete building control system offers practically unlimited possibilities for controlling your home:

  • Unoccupied home function, which checks and regulates disconnection from socket circuits or randomly moves the blinds, which create the impression that you are at home.
  • Intelligent cooperation between the thermostat and the window position, the heating and cooling system effectively avoids energy wastage.
  • Connoisseurs will also appreciate options such as preparation of a room for a film evening. One press of the button will switch on the home cinema, close the blinds, dim the lighting to the ideal level and can even turn the heating up or ventilate to enable maximum enjoyment of your film.

We offer services linked to intelligent smart home systems to construction companies, project designers, architects and also end users. From design, to execution. Do you want to live smart? Then do. We will take care of everything.

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